Deans Legal


DEANS LEGAL is a Melbourne based boutique law firm with branch offices in Sunshine, West Sunshine and Camberwell.  Deans Legal has proven experience particularly in a multitude of property related matters.

Property Law & Transactions

Engage Deans Legal to assist you in:

  • Sale or purchase of real property
  • residential, commercial or industrial property conveyancing
  • related party transfers
  • plans of subdivision/consolidation

Commercial & Business

Deans Legal can represent you in:

  • negotiations and preparation of commercial leases (including retail leases)
  • commercial tenancy matters
  • sale and purchase of businesses, personal property, company shares, units of a trust etc.
  • business conveyancing
  • commercial litigation and disputes
  • commercial debt collection matters

Family Law

Deans Legal can ensure that your best interests are looked after.
You can engage Deans Legal to:

  • draft a Binding Financial Agreement
  • get independent legal advice for a Binding Financial Agreement
  • make an application for divorce
  • represent you in relation to an application to the Court for children or property orders

Succession Law

Engage Deans Legal to help you:

  • prepare your Will
  • contest a Will
  • make a probate application
  • make an application to become the administrator of an estate
  • make an application to VCAT to be a guardian or administrator of a
    loved one

Foreign Documents

Fergus Deans, the principal of Deans Legal is a qualified Public Notary. 
Deans Legal
can assist you with:

  • attestation of documents
  • affidavits and statutory declarations for overseas
  • power of attorney for overseas
  • preparation of a no objection certificate or declaration
  • general advice on foreign documents

Deans Legal can also assist you in a range of other matters including:

To learn more about our firm’s skills, please visit our practice areas page or simply contact us to arrange a meeting one of experienced team at Deans Legal.